Personalize Your Truck, Van, SUV and Automobile. Fleet and Commercial Upfitting!
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Upgrade your fleet or upfit your work vehicle with Phoenix Conversions – commercial personalizations and upfitting for every need.

Phoenix Conversions offers commercial fleet and vehicle personalization with accessories and complete upfitting service. When there’s work to be done, pros bring their vehicles to the go-to shop for fleet and commercial truck upfitting to get the job done right.


Personalize your truck, van, SUV, or automobile. We offer top automotive accessories and an experienced staff to help you customize your vehicle.

Phoenix Conversions offers an accessories superstore and a complete automotive customization shop. Our experienced and skilled staff can help you customize every aspect of any vehicle. Bring your truck, van, SUV, or automobile to Phoenix Conversions for the custom accessories you need to personalize your ride. Our in-house experts provide a one-stop shop to create the finished vehicle of your dreams. Remember, “When it has to be the Best,” call Phoenix Conversions! Speak to one of our vehicle customization experts at (865) 670-4060 or visit our showroom to learn more and get started.

Your Vehicle

LOMAX Tonneau Covers

Hard tri-fold truck bed covers that deliver maximum strength, security, and style.

Phoenix Conversions carries a variety of top-performing truck bed covers from LOMAX. LOMAX hard tri-fold tonneau covers deliver maximum strength, added security, and industry-changing style. The sturdy construction combined with the automatic ten-point locking system protects your truck bed to the max while the ultra-low profile design leaves a powerful impression.

Ranger Design

Ranger Design manufacturers top-quality work van equipment tailored for your every need.

Phoenix Conversions is proud to be an Authorized Ranger Design Distributor. Ranger Design is committed to developing products and solutions that help customers save time and money, do more with less, and meet – and even exceed – your biggest goals. Contact Phoenix Conversions today for more information about Ranger Design fleet upfit solutions, including shelving, storage, and more.

The Phoenix Conversions Story

From humble beginnings in 1987 with 2,500 square feet on North Central in Knoxville to our current 100,000 square foot mega location, Phoenix Conversions has always been the place to take your vehicle “when it has to be the best.” Founded by owner Scott Hayse with partner George Vaughan, Phoenix Conversions quickly became “the place” to take your truck or van for custom and conversion packages. Initially, Phoenix Conversions focused exclusively on van conversions, and, as the automotive market changed, so did Phoenix Conversions. With the light truck market flourishing and customers becoming increasingly interested in personalizing their vehicles, Phoenix Conversions evolved into an auto, SUV, and truck accessory superstore. As demand for products and accessories for commercial vehicles became more evident, Phoenix Conversions expanded into the commercial upfitting market. Phoenix Conversions quickly became and continues to be the go-to shop for fleet and commercial truck owners to get their trucks upfitted and on the job. The latest evolution of Knoxville’s largest accessory superstore was our re-location to 5915 Casey Drive. The move to the super warehouse has allowed us to provide customers with the largest truck accessory showroom in the area. Phoenix Conversions has remained “the place” to take your car, SUV, or truck, for the custom accessories you need to personalize your ride. Remember, “When it has to be the Best,” call Phoenix Conversions!

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